Everyone Loves ILT

Everyone loves Instructor Led Training. The students love it. The instructors love it. Heck I was an instructor and I loved it and judging by the happy sheets, my students enjoyed themselves. But over time I couldn’t shake the feeling that there wasn’t much impact for all the effort.
Learning groups with tight budgets are thinking the same thing. Instructor-led Training is just not sustainable. It takes too many resources to create and for people to attend. Try to take it way though and you will get a lot of pushback. The modern classroom is 5000 years in the making (with a helpful push from the Victorians a couple of hundred years ago) and it is not about to exit quietly. Nor should it. Instructor led training is a successful methodology in specific scenarios. To stop all face to face training and just copy the content into boring eLearning would be cause for a riot.
For training groups that have a mandate to reduce classroom training, it might be wise to do it slowly, starting with programs that don’t provide much value compared to their complexity. Also we should take a look at what is attractive about ILT and recreate those positive attributes in other delivery channels.
People like synchronous training because it is easier to focus and commit when you are doing it with others. The solution is to use Virtual Classrooms and Twitterchats which allow for synchronous training but can be experienced online.
Learning feels real when it is in the real world. This can be overcome by providing instructions to take action in the real world to achieve learning experiences. You still get the advantage of electronic delivery but the learner gets away from the computer.
Learners like getting feedback from the instructor. This can be done by using social media tools.
Classes can have break out sessions. This can be done with Google Hangouts and Wikis.
The assumption that an entire learning program has to be contained in the same delivery system is limiting and needs to be debunked.
With these techniques, a 2 week training course where people fly in can be converted to 3 or 4 Virtual classrooms over the course of a week, supported by social media and eLearning.

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