Training Is Not Normal

The way we train people is not normal. The idea of a single person presenting information to a room full of people is a process that was created by the Victorians to gain economies of scale over the traditional and more natural master apprentice format. The real way people learn is to ask, try, fail, analyze adjust solve and retry. When knowledge was controlled it made sense to distribute it efficiently but now technology has changed all that and with the persistent connectedness of everything, learning is something that anyone can do as if it were breathing. 
Meanwhile we have used technology to parse out the classroom model but we really haven’t changed it. Their are still instructional people who have knowledge and they distribute it in containers called courses and they track attendance, showing up, launching, on a roster (Learning Management System.)
But if real learning has gone on without us, what are we doing? What value are we creating?
There needs to be something in the middle. Unstructured learning is great for finding out how to fix a pipe but not for understanding how the system of pipes works and what it does. There is still a place for learning folk to provide value by creating schema, frameworks, context for information. These are tools that a learner can use as a multiplier effect to create more robust learning.
First we need to start dismantling the old model. Learners expect to learn in chucks as soon as they need them. We need to break down learning content into easily consumable chunks and show the learner how the chunks relate. We need to let the learner drive how the content is delivered.
This is a unique opportunity to change what learning can be.

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