Learners Solve Problems

Businesses are problem solving organisms. They consume resources and they produce value. They do this by solving countless problems. It is really the human minds in the business that solve problems. Since problems by their nature are always changing, the human mind has to change. It has to learn. Businesses invest resources in learning and expect to see people who can solve more problems and thereby produce more value.
Ideally everyone would have a mentor. This of course is not practical so the Victorians made the calculated decision to make a head mentor, a teacher whose cost could be spread out over many students. This is still not practical in a global economy so the idea was extended via virtual meeting technology to let the teacher reach many more people. This has its limitations still. It is still synchronous communication. Everyone has to stop work and learn. eLearning was created to make learning accessible on demand without depending on a teacher. In the absence of people to learn from, learners began to learn from each other aided by Social Media. Learning had been separate from the world it referred to, first in classrooms and then on computers. Mobile learning brings the experience into the world and includes the Social Media that makes it a connected activity. 



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