New Job and the Necessity of Narrating Your Work

A few months ago I got a new job. It is exactly what I wanted. I am now head of learning technology for a major information company that wants to step up its game in deploying innovative learning content. I’ve learned from past experience and people like Harold Jarche and Chris Brogan, that even if everything is going well in your company, you still need to continually connect with your community and narrate your work. The reason is that work is a learning process. In order to maintain and grow your value in this economy, you need to stay connected, serve your community and learn by doing. This is done by writing about your process: narrating your work.
However, since I started I have not written a thing. I was immediately thrown into critical projects with ridiculously aggressive deadlines. It was like jumping onto a race car as it came around the track and changing the engine and the tires while it was still going. I could have pushed back I suppose or “gasp” not taken the job, but I saw this great opportunity and I just didn’t want to pass it up. So I dove in and I have been pushing myself and hyperfocusing to the point of ignoring everything else. This is not an unusual action, but I had promised myself I would do things differently this time. What’s more, my company hired me and is counting on me precisely to stay connected and learn. This means that I need to scratch out enough space to write about my process. This post is the beginning.

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