An Aha Day

An Aha day is when, at the end of the day you have the UNDENIABLE feeling that you nailed it. You did a task, solved a problem, avoided a crisis, helped someone, or created something in a way that you could not have done before. We all have them. It may be a subjective judgment, but it is unambiguous and falsifiable (it can be proven that it didn’t happen if it didn’t) and therefore it is measurable. It is impossible to have an Aha day without changing your way of thinking. Therefore it can be traced back to learning. In that case you can count up the aha days of a given year and compare it to the year before. You and your manager can be jointly accountable for increases and decreases and variances from a benchmark. Also, when you narrate your Aha days, you share the learning with others.

This could turn out to be a valuable Learning Analytics tool. What do you think?


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