Welcome to the “Creating Understanding” blog. The truth is that you can’t make someone understand something. You can only create the environment and framework for them to understand. This blog is about my exploration of how Learning Technologies can be best used to create an environment where learning professionals can achieve business goals by getting the right message to the right people as efficiently and effectively as possible given the resources available. There seems to be a sea change happening in the Enterprise Learning space. People are questioning the assumptions of the old course assembly line. I think this is a good thing. We should question any assumption that makes things harder for learners and the people paying for the learning. But we also shouldn’t take for granted that newer beats older. Just like the fact that eLearning didn’t entirely replace instructor led training, I don’t think Social Media will entirely replace eLearning. The criticisms of big Learning Management Systems are valid but there still is a value in using them in certain situations. These are all just tools. I believe that you choose the tool for each task based on what best serves the needs. In this blog, I will be examining these issues and hopefully, I will be able to create a dialog around them. I’m glad to have you join me.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Good luck with the blog ! – the role of technology in the support of both formal and informal learning is a key topic for L&D/HRD professionals. Looking forward to your future postings

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